“David has been an amazing help and support in my teenage daughter and I understanding one another a little better. I had reached breaking point with my daughter’s erratic behaviour and my ex-husband and I were becoming increasingly concerned about the direction in which her future was heading if this behaviour continued. We all agreed we needed some help in identifying what had gone wrong to enable us to make better choices. After finding David’s details via a Google search, I contacted him and made our first appointment. Immediately we each felt at ease with David and following the initial 30 minute introduction meeting my daughter trusted David sufficiently to confide in him, identifying a root cause to many of our difficulties. Through open discussion and practical exercises in active listening and anger management we were able to understand each other better and are now able to help one another during difficult times – rather than antagonise each other – by using these tools. During subsequent sessions, we not only continued with progress from the previous session, but also addressed issues that occurred outside of our immediate relationship as these were also relevant to how we interacted as a family. Thank you David.”