Lorna S

“Trust is a crucial part of any relationship and when relationships with our adopted teenage daughter reached breaking point, we knew we had to do something. Our social worker put us in touch with David and from the first meeting we instinctively knew he was someone we could trust. More importantly, our daughter trusted him and this was something that she has not been able to do with any other therapist in the past. We see David fortnightly as a family and he has not only enabled us to talk openly about our hurts and difficulties but he has also given us the practical tools to try to communicate better outside of the counselling room. David’s own experience of complex couple and family relationships gives him a unique understanding; he has an empathetic approach and our children instinctively open up to him, sometimes even quoting him in between sessions. The mantra in our family has become. ”David said.” We are still a work in progress but we move forward with confidence knowing that we have David’s expertise, wisdom and support.”