Jason J

“I had a lot of issues and problems that have plagued my life for years because I was unable to talk about them. So, when counselling with David was suggested to me I was sceptical but willing to give it a try.

Counselling has helped me to turn my life around because it has opened my eyes to the underlying problems and allowed me to move forward with a renewed sense of self worth.

For a long time I was consumed with anger and resentment because I grew up without a father and so had a lack of self-worth. I found it hard to talk to anyone about my problems because I developed trust issues as a result of living such a hard life. I have since bared my soul to David and as a result I feel that I have unburdened myself of all the negative thoughts and feelings that have plagued my life. The positive impact that counselling with David has had on me has allowed me to move on with my life and I would recommend counselling with him to anyone who may be struggling with issues in their life too”.