B & D.

“We were going through a rather difficult time in our marriage and I felt there was a real danger we would not pull through together and that we would drift apart. I felt a strong sense that we needed help to understand each other better and to reconnect. David helped us by giving us an opportunity to listen to each other, to take time out to sort out the issues. He gave us tools like ‘Active Listening’, ‘Relationship Skills Self-Evaluation’, ‘Love Languages’, ‘Myers-Briggs Psychometric Profile’, etc. As a consequence we are now stronger than ever. We understand and respect each other’s differences better and we have reconfirmed our love and commitment to each other. Seeing David really helped us. We continue to see David as an M.O.T. marriage check up every two months which is really helpful and gives us an opportunity to reflect on how we are doing as a couple. David has the skills experience and life insight to effectively assist couples through their marriage challenges.”